Morag Lloyds
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Morag Lloyds 

artist and designer of little houses and harbours

Artist and Designer 

Hello and welcome! I am so glad you found me! 

I like to think that my work makes people smile. Sometimes at events I see people running past my stand to go for this and that and suddenly they stop and look and smile and that makes me happy !

I am inspired by many things, but mostly the sea and Islands 

I have also developed 3d work from driftwood/scrap wood and found objects either from beaches or discarded, these little works are inspired from my sketches and 20 years of sailing around the western Islands of Scotland.. 

Enjoy your browse around my website were you will find examples of illustrations , paintings, little harbours & houses.

If you are a gallery outside of the areas I already exhibit in and would be interested in selling my work please do contact me! 

If you would like to buy work and not near any of the galleries listed contact me and I will guide you to events I also often have sales on my facebook page morag lloyds paintings link below

work is published with and can be purchased from

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